25 Ways To Wear Your Scarf Like a Frenchie


Hi dolls! I love cute scarves and I'm always looking for more ways to wear them. When I came across this video, I had to share, Enjoy! 



The DUMBO Arts Festival is a free public event. Each year it seeks to highlight Brooklyn’s commitment to and presence in the arts community by presenting the best in local, national, and international art amid the breathtaking backdrop of the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan skyline.

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Happy Friday! Let's dance to Skol tonight. I'm still loving this song by Koffi. I grew up listening to him and I still enjoy his music today :-)




Sometimes, I like to get out and take photos of my beautiful city, New York . There are so many places to see and things to do, but I especially like taking photos of nature...the little we have here in the city. This day at the Riverside park, the sun was beaming and everything was just beautiful.

I took these photos with my Galaxy S4 and they aren't edited. Enjoy! 

Rewind: December Instagram Recap 2013

  • I took this photo of the sunset on my last day at my job. I thought it was beautiful.

  • Me on the ice! I have always wanted to go ice skating, but I was afraid of breaking a tooth lol. I finally did it and I am glad I did. This is off the bucket list now :)

  • More photo of me on the ice...trying not to fall. I went with my friend Brandi and my roommate Shannah! I am sure they had a good laugh.

  • I finally tried the cronut! After hearing so much about it, I had to try it. Shannah and I waited two hours to get our cronut and it was worth the wait.

  • This is my face after I took a bite. It was ridiculously good.

  • Celebrating my friend Natalie's birthday in Queens! I am actually wearing Black Dhalia here.

  • December was such a rough month for me. This photo represents what I wanted to feel at a certain moment. I wanted to reflect on my life and know that everything happens for a reason.

  • Welcome to 125th! I absolutely love Harlem.  I love the city even more around the holidays because everything is so pretty and festive.

  • I am home for the holidays! The family was sitting by the firepplace and reminiscing about the good old days.

  • My mother came to my sister's house wearing two different shoes! She didn't realize this until she was already in the house and was ready to take off her shoes to be more comfortable. LOL

Happy holidays! 

Buzzing: 2014 African Day Parade


Delayed post but since it's almost time for the 8th annual African Day Parade, I think it's just appropriate to take a look at last year's event. I never got the chance to upload them, so here we go.