Buzzing: 2014 African Day Parade


Delayed post but since it's almost time for the 8th annual African Day Parade, I think it's just appropriate to take a look at last year's event. I never got the chance to upload them, so here we go. 

Weekend Chronicle: Madison Square Park Eats


On a typical weekend, you can find me in my room catching up on shows on my DVR since I'm busy during the week. Hey, my weekends have become precious. I'm sure I'm not alone on this (haha).  Couple of weekends ago, I went to Madison Square Eats with my friend Aisha.  Madison Square Eats is a semi-annual culinary pop-up market. You get to try dishes from some of the most popular restaurants and well-respected chefs in New York City.

I'm so glad I get to experience it this year because I love food! I especially love Asian food. There were a good variety of different dishes to choose from and the prices were reasonable. 

I first tried the sesame shrimp from the hong kong street cart. It was delicious! If you ever make it to NY in time for the pop-up market, I highly recommend it.  

Mighty Balls...not your mama's balls lol
meatballs from mighty balls! The beef and turkey were my favorites. 

Excited for our buko juice from pig & khao :-)

You can't forget the dessert! Red velvet macaroon. 

Have you been to Madison Square Eats? What did you think?