Bamako by Night


Hi! Since it's almost time for my yearly trip to Mali, I figure I will post these photos from my last trip. This is a very late post. So, everyone who's been asking about my trip to Bamako, here's is part one of it.  This night, my childhood friend Faty took me out to the Byblos night club. I thought the club was really nice. It was huge! 

The only thing I didn't like about the club was that smoking is allowed inside. The smoke bothered when I first got there, but it got much better when the guy took us to the VIP area upstairs. I didn't notice much smoke there. Overall, it's definitely a nice area to relax and to also have a good time. 

My bestie Faty in the middle and her friend to the left

Faty and her fiance <3

'cause we're happy

Posing with Faty's parents before heading out

Take 2

Take 3 and add Faty's fiance to the pic

The lovebirds 

The boyfriend. Open your eyes haha 

Les amies :-)

Friends since childhood....Kalaban Coura days 

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