Welcome to Mountain Creek Ski Resort! I'm all about trying new adventures for the new year. To get started, I went skiing for the first time with my friend Aisha at Mountain Creek Resort in New Jersey. Because we live in New York City we don't own cars (we don't really need them here).  

We started researching ski resorts and methods of transportation from NYC. We found a few and we decided on the  NYC Snow Bus; they had different skii resort locations, but the bus was going to Mountain Creek on the day we decided on. I really didn't know what to expect since I've never been skiing before.  One thing I knew for sure was that it would be really, really cold. I'm an African, I don't like being too cold or cold temperature- I know, I know and I live in the NYC but still. 

NYC Snow Bus
The bus experience was amazing! The total cost was $102 each and this included the rentals. Mountain Creek is about about 90 minutes from the city and the bus ride was nice with music playing throughout- yes the bus is decked out with speakers, how nice :-) 
It picked up us from the union Square location right in front of Duane Reade and we were out! Although I didn't go, the owners of the NYC Snow Bus take everyone to the bar after getting back to the city for drinks...on them! 

Mountain Creek Resort
Mountain Creek was beautiful. It's a huge resort with everything you'll need to make your skiing experience memorable. I found the staff to be very helpful and they were there to help put on your gear ( for newbies like me) and answer any questions you may have.

Final Thought
Skiing for the first time was fun. Of course I fell many many times and laughed at myself, but it was an amazing experience.  Would I do again? Maybe after I take several classes :-)


Setting up... 
After falling many times lol
...happy to be near the fireplace :-)

We stopped by the Kink restaurant for lunch.

A selfie before boarding the bus back to NYC :-)

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