Front of the house! photo credit: Airbnb
Na nga def (hello in Wolof)! I'm back from Bamako and Senegal and it's time to update the blog, yayy. I'm starting with Senegal because I loved it and I enjoyed my time there so much. There were so much to do and see in a week. I have to say having a list of places to see made our trip so much easier.

I spent my first day in Dakar at Goree Island (more on this in a later post). I've been wanting to go forever and I couldn't wait. Some of the places I visited included Lac Rose, the pink lake or lake retba; the monument of the African Renaissance, Almadies, Ngor Island, Ifan Museum of African Arts; Marche Sandaga and more. I have a lot more to post about Senegal. Stay tuned! 

I stayed at the Ker Ermina house in Cite Hama 2, in the Camberene section of Dakar. I booked the place through Airbnb. The house was colorful and I loved it. The location was perfect- close to everything and it was very easy catching a cab from my house. 

In front of the house 

My habibi! We literally took photos by the gate almost everyday because we loved it so much :-)

I was in love with the colorful living area. The space wasn't big (most Senegalese houses aren't as big as compared to Malian houses) but it was cozy enough. As you can see, it wasn't fancy but we were comfortable there and it wasn't expensive. It was actually well below our budget. 
The living room and the kitchen were my favorite parts of the house. It was kept clean by a house help who was there everyday to help us with anything we needed. She was truly amazing and gave us many tips about where to go in the city. She would also cook for us if we wanted Senegalese dishes. We didn't use this service since we ate out the entire time.

The entrance from the living room

The bed- you need the mosquito net because there are mosquitoes in Senegal.

The outdoor sitting area. We would have breakfast here and just chill. It was beautiful. photo credit: Airbnb

View from the second floor. photo credit: Airbnb

photo credit: Airbnb

View of the rooftop photo credit: Airbnb

photo credit: Airbnb

My photos of these areas of the house were on my SD card and it got damaged. Luckily, I found these images from the airbnb page of Ker Ermina.

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