Hi everyone! I recently moved to Seattle (more on this later) and quickly began searching for the nearest Senegalese restaurant. You know I love Senegalese food! 

La Teranga came highly recommended on yelp. Seattle has a lot of Ethiopian and Eritrian restaurants than anything. This is partially due to the high number of immigrants from those coutnries. 

My friend Koko was in town for dance gig and we decided to meet up at the restaurant. I started off with the fried plantain and red sauce (pictured). Delish! 

My main course was the Thiebou yapp (seasoned lamb with jasmine rice). I've had thebou yapp and thiebou djeun (fish) in Senegal. I have to say that my food at La Teranga came very close to what I've had in dakar. It was very good! I know that most African restaurants change up the ingredients a bit to please the non-African customers or those not too familiar with the dishes.

My drinks of choice were the kinkeliba (Combretum micranthum) tea and tamarind juice. They were both really good. My favorite was the tamarin juice.

Have you been or do you live in Seattle, what African restaurants do you recommend? Respond in the comment section below.