Congratulations Shannah!
Last week my roommate Shannah graduated with her Masters in Forensics Psychology.  It feels like yesterday when I met Shannah and she was just starting graduate school- how time flies! We are all masters degree holders in our apartment- go us! 

Shannah's family came down from Canada for the graduation and it was so much fun. After graduation, we went to Tony's Di Napoli in Times Square.  Dinner was truly amazing. 

If you've been to Tony's you would know that the portions are large. 
It's actually a family size serving restaurant. I had the linguini seafood with lobster added and I share with two other friends. 

Tony's linguini seafood with lobster added...yummy!

Shannah's family surprised her with a limo ride in the city and it was waiting for us after dinner. She was so excited and surprised! We started having a mini photo shoot by the limo- of course.

Des gros bisous pour shannah by the limo. 
Let's get this party started! Shannah in the limo

The weather in NYC for the next couple of days wasn't so pleasant. It was warm for some hours and it would be chilly again for the rest of the day...making it hard to know how to dress up. We were lucky with a beautiful weather about 2 days after graduation and we decided to hit up Central Park with our favorite pregnant person.

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